Wilder Could Fight For The WBC Belt, Benavidez Accuses Mungia Of Ducking

Wilder Could Fight For The WBC Belt

Deontay Wilder could end up fighting for the WBC heavyweight title after Tyson Fury’s recent comments. 

The WBC heavyweight champion has been accused of avoiding Oleksandr Usyk after the boxer chose to face Francis Ngannou instead.

And as part of that process, Fury has confirmed that he has no intention of facing the Ukrainian. The intention, instead, has been to secure the biggest fights possible in order to make the most money. 

“Nope, I am not interested in fighting Usyk. He’s a little Ukrainian dosser. That’s all he is to me. No interest in unifying the division. It doesn’t mean s*** to me. All that stuff about unifying and whatever doesn’t mean anything to me. I am looking for the biggest payday. Most of the time, Usyk doesn’t cut it [with commanding big money].

“Haters are going to hate. I am getting a bag. I am getting a big bag, too. So I won’t feel bad when I am cashing my cheque in. I won’t care when I am eating ice cream and marshmallows all day drinking Pina Coladas. I’m not thinking, ‘What about those boxers?” Fury

Wilder’s Options

That has naturally raised question marks over whether the heavyweight will be stripped. Fury’s current mandatory situation has not been resolved.

Wilder and Andy Ruiz Jr. were meant to face each other. However, disagreements over purse splits meant that the fight broke down.

Wilder refused to budge over his 70-30 offer, despite Ruiz demanding that it be 50-50. As a result, the order for the fight was scrapped.

But now it appears that Wilder could have another chance. As of now, Anthony Joshua is second behind Wilder in the WBC rankings.

Therefore,  a fight between the pair could be for an eliminator. If that fails to materialize, then Wilder would face the next-highest-ranked contender for the belt. 

Benavidez On Mungia

Meanwhile, David Benavidez has accused Jamie Mungia of ducking him after talks over a fight broke down. 

Reports indicated that a mega-Mexican clash was being targeted between the two undefeated fighters. However, the fight did not materialize, which may have been due to the following.

Benavidez and Mungia are with different promoters. The former is affiliated with PBC, while the latter has connections with Golden Boy and DAZN.

The two outfits have historically had difficulty making fights, particularly since the arrival of DAZN. Although that may have been the case, it appeared that an agreement had been close. However, according to Benavidez, Mungia pulled out at the last minute. 

“We were trying to get a fight with Munguia. We were already ready to finalize a fight with Munguia and then last minute, he and his team backed out. It would’ve been a cross-promotional fight. We would’ve fought on Showtime. It was very close to happening. It can happen. I just think they aren’t ready at this time. It might be an option for the future,” Benavidez

Ultimately, the fight was seen as an alternative to Canelo Alvarez. The ‘Mexican Monster’ is the current WBC interim champion, but a fight with Alvarez has not been made. But moving forward, a fight may happen later down the line.

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