Tank Davis Will Face The Best, Shakur Frustrated By Fighters Avoiding Him

Tank Davis Will Face The Best Shakur Frustrated By Fighters Avoiding Him

Leonard Ellerbe has revealed that Gervonta Davis will end up facing the biggest names later down the line. 

Davis is the ‘cash cow’ of the 135-pound division, which was shown in his last fight against Ryan Garcia. The bout sold over a reported $1.2 million pay-per-views as Tank stopped Garcia in the seventh round with a body shot.

That took Davis’ record to 29-0 with 27 knockouts. But moving forward, Ellerbe reassured fans that the biggest fights would happen. 

Ellerbe On Davis

“Tank will fight anybody he wants to fight because he’s that big, and it doesn’t have to be a belt. I can say that because he’s that guy. I know first hand, and this is from his mouth. He’s going to get the guys that they [the fans] say that they want. He’s going to get those guys. It’s just a matter of time because Tank Davis isn’t  going nowhere,” Ellerbe

This naturally begs the question: who could Davis face? Well, the boxer has been accused of not fighting the well-known names.

Fights with Shakur Stevenson, Vasiliy Lomachenko and Devin Haney are just some of the names in and around Tank’s weight class.

Stevenson recently admitted that he is not in the position to be making offers to Davis, given that Tank is the pay-per-view star. However, he was intent on facing the boxer, describing it as the ‘biggest’ fight out there.

Shakur On Davis

“I’m going to tell you the truth – I’m not Tank, he’s the big star, he’s the PPV star. I can’t throw no offers to Tank. Who am I to throw offers to the biggest star in boxing? That would have to be on their part to wanna do that. I would love that fight, I think that’s the best fight in boxing and I wanna prove to the world who I truly am,” Stevenson

Meanwhile, a fight with Devin Haney could be complicated by the fact that Davis does use rehydration clauses against bigger fighters.

Haney, though, has already ruled out agreeing to such a thing which is why any such fight may have to happen at 140. Regardless of what the case may be, Davis will be looking to secure the biggest purses. 

Davis’ Paydays

“Him and Ryan Garcia are coming off this fight, and they just generated more money than the entire lightweight and junior welterweight divisions than everybody combined in their careers. This is prize-fighting, and one thing I do know is Tank Davis isn’t going to be taking a pay cut to do anything. He’s the boss, and again, all those guys are terrific fighters,” Ellerbe

Just as Davis is targeting the best, the same can be said for Shakur Stevenson. The latter is set to face Edward De Los Santos on November 16th, 2023, for the vacant WBC belt at 135.

However, prior to that getting made, Stevenson had seen two opponents drop out. A bout with Lomachenko was ruled out after Bob Arum confirmed that the boxer would not be fighting this year.

Shakur’s Frustration

Meanwhile, Frank Martin pulled out at the last minute as Stevenson claimed the boxer wanted an equal split. So, naturally, that has resulted in a lot of frustration for Shakur

“I mean it’s very, very, very frustrating. It’s stressful, frustrating. I try to make the biggest fights happen and the best fights happen. With the Lomachenko situation, that was another guy who was offered the most money he would’ve ever made in his entire career to fight me — he said no. With the Frank Martin situation, he was offered the most money that he would ever make in his career to fight me — he said no. So, honestly, it’s very frustrating trying to get these guys in the ring to fight me,” Shakur 

Ultimately, the news will be welcomed by the fanbase since it gives numerous fights that could happen. And at a time when there are question marks over who is the best in the lightweight division, fans could finally see who is the best of this era. And this can only be a good thing moving forward.

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