Floyd Mayweather’s Exhibition Against John Gotti III Results In Ring Brawl

Floyd Mayweather's Exhibition Against John Gotti III Stopped After Ring Brawl

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s exhibition bout against John Gotti III led to a ring brawl live from FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

The undefeated, 50-0, fighter was cruising in the bout, dominating his opponent right from the off without breaking sweat.

‘TBE’ landed shots at will to the body and head as Mayweather stepped on the gas from the first bell.

Mayweather taunted his opponent throughout the fight in a case of verbal sparring as the American rolled back the years, far from being the 46-year-old that he is today.

Gotti failed to muster up a response but did well to hang in for six rounds before things got heated. Referee Kenny Bayless warned the duo over their language, but his words were not heeded.

As a result, Bayless stopped the fight in the sixth round. However, Gotti was not having any of it.


He began to swing wildly as Mayweather backed himself up against the ropes. The respective camps from both sides jumped into the ring as the chaos ensued.


And things escalated towards the crowd as fans had reportedly gotten physical, with the authorities stating that charges could be pressed against those who were seen to be inciting trouble.


While there is nothing to suggest that there were any injuries sustained, who knows what could have happened on any other given day, and yet, the sentiment on social media was far from one of concern.

The majority of the boxing community questioned the nature of the event, with some even suggesting that perhaps it was done for clout.

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